Looking for a community of amazing, supportive, encouraging, supportive people?

Here we are!

Courtney’s Run Club is a free running community that I started in 2018 as a way to bring people of all fitness levels together to support each other in our different journeys.  We meet every Saturday morning in Chesterfield, MO for an hour of exercise followed by coffee and fun socializing.

I created this group to be inclusive of all people and levels from walkers to runners, from beginner to advanced and anywhere in between. The paved trail we use on Saturday mornings is a small loop, so everyone goes their own pace and no one ever feels left out or behind.

Show up, do what works for you, cheer others on and grab some coffee with us afterwards! I promise you’ll be glad you came.

Customized training

 If you are interested in customized training, I work with clients one on one to develop a schedule based on their goals.  Whether your goal is to finish your first 5K successfully, increase your race pace for a PR or to train for your first half marathon, I’ve got you covered. I will customize a schedule based on your race distance, location, time of year, course elevation and current fitness level and ability.  Schedule a consultation where I can learn more about you and your goals!